Thrive Life Coaching is committed to your best interests. Coaching services are customized to meet your specific needs and goals. Individual and group coaching are offered, as well as webinars and workshops. By listening carefully to hear both your words and your heart, asking hard questions that probe all layers of an issue, challenging you to explore new avenues, encouraging you throughout your journey, and keeping you connected with your dreams and goals, Thrive Life Coaching partners with you as you move from dreaming and wishing to doing and being.


"Having a life coach I gain such rich insight into areas of my life as a woman, mother, and wife. Working with Karen has been life changing. It is always enlightening to talk through the swirling thoughts I can sometimes feel, especially about motherhood and raising kids. Karen navigates our conversations as we sift through what is really going on, dig a little deeper, reflect on my findings and then set realistic goals to achieve my hopes for each session. It is a true gift to have an hour to talk through all things me and gain tangible next steps. Through pointed questions and active listening I always end our sessions feeling heard, known and empowered for what's next."

Lisa Olson

Individual Coaching  |  Thrive, Life Coaching in Minneapolis / St. Paul


Individual coaching is one-on-one time focused on helping a person reach his or her goals. It offers a safe, supportive place to be authentic and explore the underlying factors, motivations and mindsets that impact choices and behaviors. Individual coaching allows people to hear and understand themselves, take ownership of their choices, find their own solutions and unlock their unique potential. Individual coaching keeps people focused, encouraged, challenged and accountable as they progress toward their specific goals. 




Individual Coaching Packages include two or three 55 minute coaching sessions each month plus spot calls and unlimited email communication. Packages are fully customized to your needs and goals and include applicable resources and assessment. Sessions can be in person or over the phone.


Specialized Coaching Packages are available to jumpstart your coaching. Each package includes corresponding resources and three individual coaching sessions.

1. Discover Package

Deepen your understanding of yourself and others through the EnneagramResources: Enneagram Assessment and Application, Stages of Change

3. Navigate Package

Gain clarity and direction for decisions and transitions. Resources: Decision Making Models, Values Exercise, Stages of Change

2. Embrace Package

Embrace who you are and who you are not. Overcome the power of “shoulds” and establish healthy boundaries. Resources: Boundaries Exercises, Passions Exercise, Stages of Change

4. Activate Package

Get unstuck, create a customized path to your goal. Overcome unhealthy mindsets and gain momentum. Resources: Mindset Information, SMART Goals, Stages of Change


Group Coaching  |  Thrive, Life Coaching in Minneapolis / St. Paul


Group Coaching includes both individual and group assessments and sessions. It offers a neutral platform where groups work to build understanding and appreciation of the individual contributions of each member, establish clearly defined goals, and create effective communication and conflict resolution patterns. Group coaching empowers groups to leverage diversity of thought and skills, tap underlying potential and create a supportive, collaborative culture where both the individuals and the group are encouraged to grow and thrive.

Group Coaching Packages

Group Coaching Packages include one or two 55 minute group coaching sessions each month as well as an individual session with each member. Additional individual sessions can be included depending on the goals of the group. Spot calls and unlimited email communication are included. Packages are fully customized to your group’s needs and goals and include applicable resources and assessments.

Group sessions and initial individual sessions are in person. Additional individual sessions can be in person or over the phone.


Webinars & Workshops  |  Thrive, Life Coaching in Minneapolis / St. Paul



Workshops offer you time and space away from your regular routine to get outside of your automatic thought processes and fully engage in learning and growing. Blending valuable material, interactive exercises, and powerful self-reflection, workshops help you reach beyond the familiar to access new insights and fresh perspectives. Each workshop is tailored to the unique needs and goals of the group.

I am passionate about creating a safe, welcoming workshop environment that empowers you to think outside your box, see new possibilities, and put new insights into action. Workshop attendees walk away with new information, possibilities, energy, and a sense of momentum that can be carried into your life, work, relationships and service to others.

 Contact me to learn more about any of the following workshops.

 Enneagram – Discover Workshop – Introduction to the Enneagram

This 4 hour workshop, for up to 16 people, is an interactive introduction to the Enneagram’s Nine Personality Types and Three Centers of Intelligence. In this workshop you will gain an understanding and appreciation of all personality types and explore your understanding of your own personality. In addition to the materials and information, this workshop includes:

  • An online Enneagram assessment for each participant (completed prior to the workshop with results given to participants at the workshop).

  • In-depth exercises, discussions, and questions to aid in self-reflection during and after the workshop

  • A 30-minute individual coaching session after the workshop to help further clarify your Enneagram type.

Enneagram – Embrace Workshop – Embracing Personality in Community

This interactive 4 hour workshop, for up to 16 people, builds on the Discover workshop foundation by deepening understanding of the personality types and exploring the patterns of these personalities in community. This workshop focuses on fostering compassionate community, meaningful connection, and effective collaboration across all personality types. It includes learning, application exercises, discussion, and reflection on:

  • The unique speaking and listening patterns of each personality type

  • Listening effectively in a variety of conversations

  • Building connection and trust with people of different personality types

  • Creating positive environments for collaboration with all personality types

  • The leadership style and contributions of each personality type

Enneagram – Grow Workshop – Individualized Personal Growth

This  4 hour workshop, for up to 12 people, puts the new insights gained from the Discover and Embrace Enneagram workshops to work. Participants will create personal goals, action steps, and an individualized accountability plan. Exercises and discussion focus on:

  • Developing Strengths

  • Addressing Blind Spots

  • Deepening Awareness – Sub Types

  • Expanding Choice – Wings and Arrows

  • Creating a Personal Growth Plan

 Custom Enneagram Workshops and Classes

Are you in search of a more customized Enneagram option for your team, group, organization? Contact me today and we’ll create a unique plan for your group.

Living and Serving from a Thriving Soul Workshop

This unique, in-depth workshop includes five 2-hour group coaching sessions and one 1 hour individual coaching session. The group sessions can be done as a weekly meeting over five weeks or as a weekend retreat. The individual coaching session is scheduled separately. This workshop focuses on:

  • The difference between a balanced life and a thriving soul

  • Discovering what feeds your soul and how you can engage them in all seasons of your life

  • Understanding the things that drain your soul and how you can reduce their impact

  • Understanding how you can pour out of your thriving soul and fill those you serve

"We ladies were thrilled to participate in the spirit-filled workshop Living and Serving from a Thriving Soul. The workshop has enabled us to regularly practice and acknowledge activities that are soul filling. At the same time we also learned how to recognize the emotions that drain our souls. The time spent together empowered us to apply these activities with greater clarity, using helpful and meaningful tools to exercise on a regular basis. Karen’s framework reminds us that Jesus said, “I have come that they may have life and have it to the full.”

Teresa D.